Sunday, December 07, 2008

Music, fun and Christmas.

This Friday my Jr. high has a talent show. I will be singing Pray by Pure NRG.
On Sunday the 21 I will be dancing and singing at Harvest Church.
Oh, and Christmas is so soon! I just can't wait, but Christmas is 18 days away. I wish Christmas was sooner!
But I have to say, my favorite part of Christmas is helping my dad buy and make gifts for my mom. One year he carved Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus from wood. This year he made...... wait a second! My mom reads this too! I guess I can't tell you yet, maybe after Christmas.
I better get going, talk to you later.
The Pony Dreamer!

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Shaun and Holly said...

OH!!! You almost "spilled the beans" and I could have found out what Daddy is making me!!!!