Monday, March 09, 2009

My Family!

It is almost mach break and family has come to visit. My aunt, uncle and cousin Mark has come to town and are staying with my grand parents. I see them nearly everyday and love seeing them! School is going well and i love having my family here. All though my Uncle is out of town, I have my Aunt and cousin. It is so great to have them here. So today I am with my family on this lovly snow day, and thinking about how much I love mu Aunt Patty, Uncle John and cousin Mark!
You all rock! Cheers to you all!
The Pony Dreamer!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


This are pics. of when I was around four, and my brother six. Weren't we cute? My brother, Josiah, got along so well back then. Ah, the glory days!
The top photo (the one of me and Josiah) was Christmas time. The bottom pic. is of me in the garden when we lived on Stanley street and the middle one is me at Easter.
Yours forever,
The Pony Dreamer!
P.S. I am almost 12 at the moment, not 4, and my brother is 14 in February!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Must be getting old........

.......I'm getting reading glasses!
Thursday I went to the eye doctor for the first time. They wanted to see me again today, so I went and got eye drops. They were not that bad, they just really, really, really, really,really, really, really, really, really hurts. The first time we thought I needed glasses for seeing far away, but they were not sure so they gave me eye drops today. It turns out that I need glasses for seeing things close up. It's really complicated! I'll explain later! Well have a good night, and look after all animals,
The Pony Dreamer!

Monday, January 05, 2009

School Again.

Happy first day of school. Yahoo.
I'm not so pleased to go to school, but I went. I got one of my English projects back. Have any of you read Hatchet? Well we had to read it for school and we had to write and "I Am" poem about what Brian (main character) was like at the end of the book.
I have typed it out for all to see. Here it is,

I am Brian
I am a dreamer and brave.
I wonder how I will survive the winter.
I hear the wind whispering her soft song.
I see the water dancing in the faint wind.
I wand to forget the horrifying secret.
I am a dreamer and brave.

I pretend that I will one day be rescued,
I fell the scorching flame of my fire, my friend.
I touch the spirit of the of the wilderness.
I worry, what if I never see my sweet home again.
I cry when I realize that I will not be rescued, not now, not ever.
I am a dreamer and brave

I understand I am alone, no one but me and the wild.
I say death will not come today, or any time soon.
I dream of seeing my friends and family that mean so much to me.
I try to survive an almost impossible dream.
I hope to never lose my hatchet, my life and hope.
I am a dreamer and brave.

By The Pony Dreamer.

The Pony Dreamer

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ho, ho, ho! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Merry Christmas!!
Okay, today is not Christmas, but it is Christmas Eve! So MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
Oh I can't wait! Tonight I will open Christmas gifts and listen to me, Josiah, and Amy on UCB Canada, 102.3 FM at seven p.m. Oh please do listen!! It will be a special program. First me, Josiah, Amy, and the hosts will do Kidzone. Then there will be Odyssey. After that there will be Kidzone again, tell eight p.m. ( Usually after Odyssey there is an other program) Boy, when we recorded we sure had a blast!!
Well Merry Christmas from,
The Pony Dreamer!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Just three more days 'til Christmas!!
Here something to hold you over, in till then! :)

The Pony Dreamer!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Please....... DON'T SNOW!!!!

Only four days tell Christmas Eve! Most kids want a white Christmas. Me I want it to STOP snowing!!

Tomorrow I will be dancing my "Jingle bells" dance and singing "it's so good to have you home" and "Go tell it on the mountain." But sad for me it is going to snow another five to ten cm. of snow!! I won't be able to go if it snows like that.

On Monday, I will be recording a episode of Kidzone on UCB Canada. Don't know what day I will be on though, but it will be on Christmas holidays at seven p.m.

Merry Christmas,
The Pony Dreamer