Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hi Again!

Hi again! Happy New year!

It feels so great to have a new year! Today I am at home because I have been sick for 3 days, but today I am much better. I is just a rest day. I have been very busy. School and stuff! I am very existed on Sunday me and Josiah are going to a Pizza Party because I read the old testament and Josiah read the whole Bible.
In the old year I had to change classes, but I love my class more than the old. God definitely knows what he is doing! At school I do have problems with some friends, but he helps me and makes everything better. He is the healer of hearts!
In less than one month my brother is having his 13th birthday! He IS getting a Wii! How do I know? My mom kinda spilled that one. There is one thing for certain I can't wait to get back to school!

Well I better go! Until next time be a pony dreamer.