Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hi! It's been a while, but here I am!
The year passed soooo quickly I could not believe it.
There have been some great things this summer, and bad things this summer.
The good things are:
-My dad gets a week off!!!!!!!
- My Uncle, Aunt and Cousins ( that I have not seen for heaven only knows how long ) are visiting us!
- I'm going camping for the first time in my life! Yes I know it's sad, but the truth.
-I have been swimming at my friends house and swimming at a public pool. I have spent time with a good friend and time with family.
- A DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a door for my room.

The things I could have lived with out:
-A sprained thumb. (oww!)
- A scraped body from the rapids. (I'll tell you the story some other time.) Being scared out of my wits! And thats about it!

My fav. things to do on summer holidays:
-Reading Warriors! (Great books about cats that live in Clans. Auther: Erin Hunter. If you like Cats you will like Warriors! Give them a try! )
-Go swimming.
-Play with friends.
-And spend time with family.

Now that it's summer I can type on my blog more! Talk to you soon!
The Pony Dreamer!

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Anonymous said...

Tirzah, it's great that you are writing more on your blog now that it is Summer - keep it up!

Love Granny