Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Today was a tiring day at School. When I get home from School I like to relax on the leather sofa and dream about ponies. Each day after I get home I have to unpack my lunch and do my homework. Then I play in my room with Polly's or Ponies. Sometimes I play at the park with my brother and our friends. I like to pretend to be a pony. I like to pretend that I am riding a pony too.
Until next time...Be a pony dreamer!


Tirzah said...

Hi Tirzah. I love your PINK blog!

East Coast Fillmore said...

Sorry...I left you a message but it is under your log-in! opps...

Tiia said...

Hey Tirzah!
do you remember me? TIIA?!? well if you don't I moved two years ago and I went to Dessert Steam.

I Love you blog.